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Welcome to WestAfricaTravelGuide.com. We feature narratives from travelers, accommodation advice, sights to see, music and dance from the region, recipes for local dishes, overland travel advice and more. Don’t know where to begin? Start here.

bus travel in West Africa

I am writing this on a bus in the United States. I am traveling to Washington, DC and eventually, Abidjan. This bus trip is the first leg of my trip. Some of the in-bus amenities include leather reclining seats, power outlets, wi-fi, on-board toilet and airconditioning. Buses in West Africa are typically less generous. While [...]

Makassa dance

Filmed with the help of an Abidjan flashmob, this video from Ivorian rap group Tour 2 Garde offers a new dance, Makassa. Fun video and a banging tune with great production. Enjoy your weekend.

ebola outbreak

As of this writing, over 700 people have died in what is being called the worst outbreak of Ebola on record. The outbreak has been concentrated in the West African countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and it's possible that the disease will spread into neighboring countries (there has been one death in Nigeria [...]

find a cheap airfare to West Africa

Depending on where you are flying from, finding a cheap flight to West Africa may be a difficult task. That said, there are certain strategies you can use to ensure that you get the most reasonable flight possible. In this post, we will provide everything you need to know about finding the most affordable airfare [...]

Pendjari Game Reserve, Benin

Tucked away in the far northwest corner of Benin is West Africa's best game reserve. One of the premiere locations in West Africa for bird watching, Pendjari National Park is also home to elephants, West African lions, antelopes, baboons, warthogs, hippopotamus, crocodiles and buffalo, among other animals. The park can be reached by road, either [...]

best travel insurance for West Africa

Most people would have you think that West Africa is not a place to be trifled with, that it's simply too dangerous too travel. While the region is nowhere near as dangerous as these people would like you to believe, it is still wise to take out a travel insurance policy. Accidents and theft can [...]


A Guide to Tea in Mali

how to drink malian tea

Popular throughout the Sahel, this tea is a concentrated, sweetened brew that is served in tiny glasses (think shot glass sized). The tea kettle itself is tiny, and it seems everything has been miniaturized due to the tea's strength. Here we will explain a few pointers for getting the most of the Malian tea experience [...]

how to avoid being a tourist in West Africa

Many people come to West Africa on a tour. Nothing wrong with that. Some tours are well run and offer something authentic and memorable. Whether you're on a tour or not, you can find ways to figure how a place works in an unscripted setting. In other words, you can find ways to avoid being [...]

azonto dance in Ghana

A derivative of the Apaa dance of the Ga ethnic group in Ghana, Azonto has recently blown up on the world stage. It is a dance based on simple footwork and creative gesturing. You may find yourself miming a phone call, boxing someone, or even washing your clothes -- all while getting down to the [...]

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Newtown, Accra, Ghana

A city of dozens of neighborhoods and over 2 million people, Accra is Ghana's largest city, and in many ways, its nerve center. Many visitors stick to popular quarters like Osu and rarely venture to neighborhoods that lie outside the interior of ring road. In this post, we will explain why it's worthwhile to get [...]

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