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West Africa is not as well known for game parks as eastern and southern Africa, but there are a few notable spots, and it is without a doubt a world renowned birdwatching destination.

Fouta Djallon in Guinea

West Africa is filled with exceptional places, but the Fouta Djallon is right near the top of not-to-miss wonders. Here the Guinean highlands collide with the headwaters of four major rivers. Sandstone spires climb skyward from their granite foundations, steering the water through deep canyons framed by jungle. It is as dramatic as it sounds. [...]

Fathala Game Reserve Senegal

Situated near the coast on the northern border of Senegal and the Gambia, the Fathala Wildlife Reserve is a great (and inexpensive) opportunity to get some safari action when you visit Senegal or the Gambia. The reserve is made up of approximately 6000 hectares of protected forest and is a rare opportunity for visitors to [...]

Pendjari Game Reserve, Benin

Tucked away in the far northwest corner of Benin is West Africa's best game reserve. One of the premiere locations in West Africa for bird watching, Pendjari National Park is also home to elephants, West African lions, antelopes, baboons, warthogs, hippopotamus, crocodiles and buffalo, among other animals. The park can be reached by road, either [...]