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Stories, recommendations and more concerning the country of Mali. See the country guide here for more trip planning information.

Recipe for Labadja Rice Dish

Who would have thought that northern Mali could be some kind of culinary heaven? While the desert is typically considered a survive-on-what-you-can type of place, the populations of northern Mali have developed a few mouth watering dishes thanks to centuries of trade with northern Africa. Labadja is one of our favorite northern specialties, and it's [...]

Dakar to Bamako by Road

Far and away the easiest route to travel between Senegal and Mali is the one that takes you from Tambacounda to Kédougou in Senegal, and then to Kéniéba, Kita, Kati then Bamako in Mali. The route from Kayes via Diema has really declined over the past several years and the security situation around Diema and [...]


Where to See Live Music in Bamako

Live music in Bamako, Mali

Bamako has a storied and deserved reputation as a regional capital for live music. It's always possible to catch a show, even on the quieter nights of the week. But if you're new in town, or just passing through, you might have no idea where to begin. This is a map that will be constantly [...]


Since 2012, Mali has been victim to varying levels of orange and red travel warnings. I say victim because the travel warnings are often indiscriminate. They cover vast areas of the country - sometimes the whole country! - despite the fact that several regions have not had a single incident. Mali does have a security [...]

Amanar Festival sur le Niger 2015

On the morning after the first night of the festival, I wandered over to a thatched hut where a woman was selling sandwiches with everything you would want in them: sauteed slices of beef and onions, french fries, alloco (fried plantain), tomato and cucumber in a vinaigrette and crushed chili peppers with a bit of [...]

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A Guide to Tea in Mali

how to drink malian tea

Popular throughout the Sahel, this tea is a concentrated, sweetened brew that is served in tiny glasses (think shot glass sized). The tea kettle itself is tiny, and it seems everything has been miniaturized due to the tea's strength. Here we will explain a few pointers for getting the most of the Malian tea experience [...]