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Health and Safety

The following category contains articles featuring health and safety tips along with stories from travelers themselves. Of course, we should mention that it is always important to have a consultation with an actual doctor before making any medical decisions.

Malaria in West Africa

Missionaries and colonists once referred to the coastal areas of West Africa as White Man's Grave. Mortality rates were exceptionally high, and a unicellular protozoan parasite known as plasmodium falciparum was one of the main reasons why. Several hundred years later, plasmodium falciparum – the most dangerous and most commonly found strain of malaria in [...]

vaccinations and immunizations for West Africa

We're not going to lie, you may have to get poked a few times before your trip to West Africa. Some immunizations are required to enter certain West African countries, while others are simply recommended (and recommended should not be considered optional in this case). In this post, we will tell you what you need [...]