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The Best Place to Get a Nigerian Visa in West Africa

Nigerian visa in West Africa

UPDATE: Unfortunately, as of October 2017 this article is no longer valid and the Nigerian embassy in Bamako has begun issuing visas only to residents of Mali. This is terrible news for overland travelers. We will let you know if anything changes.

The following is the original article as written, but unfortunately the information no longer applies. Do not plan on getting your Nigerian visa in Bamako at this time.

Nigeria can be one of the more difficult visas to obtain in West Africa. Many Nigerian embassies will insist that you are a resident of the country where you are applying. For overland travelers who are covering a lot of ground, this is obviously difficult or impossible.

However, there is one Nigerian embassy that’s here to save the day: The Nigerian Embassy of Bamako, Mali.

Newly located in the more upscale neighborhood of ACI 2000, Nigeria has invested a significant amount of money in a much larger location on one of the main avenues. Previously, the embassy was located in a small villa in Badalabougou.

As with most embassies, there is a gatekeeper that receives you before anyone else. This person is typically miserable, and they often give no inclination that they actually want you to visit their country. At the Nigerian Embassy in Bamako, however, the gatekeeper is a friendly man named Omar.

Omar will walk you through the application process. There is a fee (please see this page from the Nigerian government for prices for each nationality), and a standard amount of paperwork.

The best days to apply for the visa are Monday through Thursday. The Nigerian Embassy is currently not open on Friday for visa applications. This may change over time, and if it does, you can simply contact the embassy at +223 70 81 22 69 to get up-to-date information.

Take a bow, Nigeria Embassy of Bamako – if only other embassies could have the same approach to travelers.

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